M.G. Brik教授学术报告会预告


报告题目Modeling of properties of red phosphors

 报告人:Mikhail G. Brik 教授

 时 间:2017年7月24日(星期) 9:00

 地 点:材料与能源学院300会议室

 主持人:雷炳富 教授

  The phosphors emitting red light are getting more and more  attention in the recent years, which is due to various applications, one  of the most important of which is related to white LEDs. Several  semi-empirical and first-principles methods of calculations of the  electronic and optical properties of phosphors containing the Mn4+  [1-3], Eu3+ [4-5] and Sm3+ [6] ions will be discussed in this  presentation. Systematic analysis of the obtained results allowed for  identifying several trends across the considered compounds depending on  the structure of the host materials, local symmetry of the dopant sites,  and chemical bonds properties; in addition, some practical advices on  how to get red emission at a desired wavelength are suggested.
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  Professor Mikhail G. Brik received  his PhD degree from Kuban State University (Krasnodar, Russia) in 1995  and his Doctor of Science (habilitation) degree from the Institute of  Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw, Poland) in 2012. Since 2007  he has been taking a Professor position at the Institute of Physics,  University of Tartu, Estonia. Before that, he had been working in Kyoto  University (Kyoto, Japan), 2003-2007; Weizmann Institute of Science  (Rehovot, Israel), 2002; Asmara University (Asmara, Eritrea), 2000-2001;  Kuban State University (Krasnodar, Russia), 1995-2000. He is also a  Guest Professor at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications  (China) and Jan Dlugosz University (Poland). Since 2015 he serves as one  of the Editors of the “Optical Materials” journal (Elsevier). His area  of scientific interests covers theoretical spectroscopy of transition  metal and rare earth ions in optical materials, crystal field theory, ab  initio calculations of physical properties of pure and doped functional  compounds. He is a co-editor of two books, author of 11 book chapters  and about 330 papers in international journals. According to Google  Scholar, his publications were cited more than 4450 times with  h-index=33. In 2013 he has received the State Prize of Republic of  Estonia in the field of exact sciences.