International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program 2019

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International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program 2019

 International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program 2019 Starts Receiving Applications and the Successful Applicants Will Be Granted 300,000 RMB Per Year


.Project Introduction

The Postdoctoral International Exchange Program is targeted at excellent international young scientists holding a PhD degree (including those Chinese based in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China, as well as young Chinese received a PhD degree abroad and not yet returned to China by the time of application) pursuing postdoctoral research in a Chinese institution. 


The sponsorship of the program covers two years, and the researchers shall work in Mainland China no less than 20 months during the two years ’post-doc projects. The funding will be jointly provided by the Office of China Postdoc Council (OCPC) and South China Agricultural University: allowances of 200,000 RMB per person per year to be provided by OCPC and matching grant of 100,000 RMB per person per year by South China Agricultural Universitywhich would be used for covering the  individual living expenses, housing allowances, social insurance and round-trip international travel expenses, etc.


The post-doctoral researchers will be subject to management of South China Agricultural University following our regulations for post-doctoral fellows.


All the eligible post-doctoral fellows who have already been admitted to South China Agricultural University after 15th Jan 2019 can apply and the successful applicants will be granted 300,000 RMB per year (200,000 RMB from OCPE plus 100,000 RMB from South China Agricultural University.



1. The applicants must be under 35 years old, of good moral character, decent personal in good health.


2. The applicants must get their doctors from other countries (or from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan of China) or Chinese doctors in other countries, who have received PhD within the recent three years.


3. The applicants shall have obtained their doctoral degrees from a university in the Global Top 100 University List; or the research discipline in the department/faculty for PhD degree is ranked in the Top 100 discipline list (taking the latest information of Shanghai Ranking’s Academic Ranking of World Universities,; Times Higher Education World University Ranking,; QS World University Ranking and U.S.News & World Report as reference). For applicants from countries located along the “One Belt and One Road” region, the applicants shall have graduated with doctoral degrees from the top 3 universities of their country.  


4. The applicants must have yielded remarkable research achievements during their doctoral study.


5. Applicants from non-English speaking countries must have sufficient proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing of Chinese or English.


As the application procedure starts this year, all the eligible post-doctoral fellows who will be admitted to South China Agricultural University after 15th Jan 2019 will be also allowed to apply this round application.


. Application Procedures

From today to 15th June, all applicants can log in the application system for “Exchange Programs Overseas or in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan” on, the official website for post-doctoral programs in China, and apply online as requested in the application guideline. Meanwhile, the applicants need to send two copies of the Application Form of the International Post-doctoral Exchange Fellowship Program along with two copies of bounded supporting documents (A4 and left-bound, with covers and table of contents) by 15th June 2019(Beijing time).


Supporting documents include: valid identity document, PhD diploma or certificate of oral defense and certifications for major research and academic achievements listed in the Application Form.


For details, please refer to notices on the official website for post-doctoral programs in China, or consult Postdoctoral Office of South China Agricultural University.


Deadline of application: 15th June 2019

Paper version of application materials shall be submitted to Postdoctoral Office of South China Agricultural University before 15th June 2019 after the review of colleges.


Contacts: Ms. Zhu +86-20-85285433